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 The Unwritten Written Rules

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PostSubject: The Unwritten Written Rules   Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:21 pm

Section 1: Solid Rules
These rules are SOLID! If you break them, you will be punished through the Warning System. Breaking these rules, along with lowering your warning rank, you also get you an infraction!
1-1: Sexuality is frowned on. A lot. So much, that you will be punished harshly. Here are a few points to the rule
1-1-1: No pornographic pictures, please, this will not only get you in trouble, but could even get the whole board in a pickle. SO DON'T DO IT! (This gets you a permanent ban, you will not get any warnings)
1-1-2: Do not discuss sexual/adult topics. Most users are under 18, deeming this BAD.
1-2: No illegal content. At all. This will get you a ban, no warnings.
1-3: Cursing is a slightly more complicated then other things. There are no censors, so your judgement is trusted. Keep it low, no more than 1 per post.

Section 2: Unstrict rules
These rules are just frowned upon, and probably won't be bannable offenses, although you will still get an infraction.
2-1: No spam. This is a simple rule with a few points
2-1-1: No one word post, such as 'Ok', 'Cool', and 'Lol'.
2-1-2: No pointless, random posts ('DKJLSFSLKSDFLJHL' or on a topic about puppies 'Jimmy has terrible hair')
2-1-3: No double, triple, quadruple (etc.) post, where you post more than one time without anyone posting in between.
2-1-4: No picture posts
2-2: No trolling, flaming, or feeding flame wars or trolls
2-2-1: Trolling, causing controversy through the forum on purpose. If you see a troll, ignore and report them. Don't let them get to you, that's what they want, and they will continue to flame you to start a flame war.
2-3: Don't ask to be a moderator. First, it will lower your chance. Why? Because it shows you are not mature enough to be a moderator. It's also really annoying and great way for trolls to try to get to you
2-4: Don't advertise unless it is through your signature or through the advertising sub-forum
2-5: Use proper grammar. No chat speak, no l33t, it's annoying.
2-6: One account per person. No alts, we will be able to tell if you make one. That account will be banned forever and you will receive an infraction.
2-6-1: No ban evading. You are banned for a reason, so don't come back on an alt thinking you'll be accepted now.
2-7: Don't create threads directed at one person. This can lead to flame wars. If you have a problem with someone, please use the report button or PM a mod/admin
2-8: Don't Bump topics older than 30 days. If you feel this is thread is important and/or needed, PM a mod or admin before posting. This PM should include a link and why you feel it should be bumped. Then Moderator/Admin will approve or disapprove, depending on the age and topic.
2-8-1: In addition, anything older than 90 days is OFF LIMITS!!! No exceptions
2-9: Please, PLEASE, don't use homosexuality as an insult, this can be very offensive to some people.

Section 3: Exceptions
Some rules aren't set in stone, so there has to be some exceptions

3-1: Alt's are permitted under one condition; if you were banned for something stupid or ridiculous, you MAY make an alt to PM AN ADMIN. You cannot post unless an admin says otherwise
3-2: If you feel this is thread is important and/or needed, PM a mod or admin before posting. This PM should include a link and why you feel it should be bumped. Then Moderator/Admin will approve or disapprove, depending on the age and topic.

Section 4: Common Sense

There are some rules that aren't listed here, but use common sense. If there's anything not listed here but your still on the edge about it, then don't post it, you should be able to figure that out by yourself.
Also, if there is ever a situation where a rule has to be broken, go right ahead, if really needed to be broken, you won't (Or at least shouldn't) be punished. Now, use some common sense and realize I didn't just say break the rules if you want to.

Section 5: Warning and Infractions

Warning is a basic procedure. Break any rules from section 1, your warning levels goes down by 25%. Once it's at zero, you're banned forever. Simple.

Infractions are slightly different. Break any rule, and you will get an infraction. Once you've gotten your 3 infraction, banning comes into play. If you keep getting infractions after your third, you might get banned for short periods of time, depending on you offense. Once you get to 10 infractions, you're banned forever.
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The Unwritten Written Rules
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